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GDPR, PECR, Marketing and Consent

There’s a lot of noise around permissions and marketing. So, here is a short overview of some key areas. We only use information from the ICO as they are the authority on the subject.

Marketing GDPR Guidelines

You, and anyone representing you, can only use up to date B2B data which is compliant to UK laws and legislation. Both of you are accountable, which is a theme running through the decision-making process when deciding how to market.

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) have left no grey areas in this matter, which makes marketing decisions much easier. Therefore, knowing the rules beforehand is key to staying on the happy side of the ICO. Here are the ICO guidelines.

Firstly, prior to the GDPR implementation, individuals had very little rights and quite easily brushed off. As a result, the changes now clearly put the power with the individual and we must act accordingly. We usually say ‘consumer’, as a lot of the changes have taken place to protect individuals and their personal data.

Personal Data & B2C Marketing

Personal data essentially means any information that identifies someone personally and tells you something about them. Such as their name, where they work or their home address. 

If your ideal customers are individuals (B2C/ Business to Consumer) then we can sum up some very long documents for you. You need explicit permission directly from them to collect, keep and act on their data (process). You cannot (or shouldn’t) buy this type of data. So, building your brand and gaining interest through interesting topics is key. Offering content whilst capturing their information freely at the right time is the way to build your database. In addition, there are three types of permissions to consider: implicit, explicit and no permission:

  • Implicit = implied or ‘It should be OK’. Perhaps customers of yours who have purchased but not said yes to future marketing.
  • Explicit = communicated directly in a clear and exact way. In other words, there are no doubts they have given you permission.
  • No = No permission, stay clear as the ICO takes this very seriously and fines are frequent. In short, if in doubt, don’t.

B2B Marketing consent

The ICO has chosen to treat B2B or Business to Business marketing separately so different rules apply. Do note that sole traders and Limited Liability Partnerships are treated like consumers. So, you cannot directly market to people in these groups.

Marketing emails and text messaging have two major rules to comply with. Firstly, the data protection laws, and secondly, ones around electronic marketing known as the Privacy and Electronic Regulations (PECR).

There are two lawful reasons for processing data for B2B marketing purposes: Consent, or Legitimate Interest.

Consent is simple: You have documented evidence that the person has agreed to receive your communications or allow marketing calls etc. A simple yes you do or no you don’t. 

Is Legitimate Interest required to market my business?

Do you have a legitimate business reason for marketing to Limited Companies and PLCs? If so then the ICO clearly states you can lawfully process their data for marketing. There are some caveats of course however, it’s very unlikely genuine businesses with good intentions will have problem.

For example, businesses with no immediate issues: You’re a commercial cleaning business specialising in Schools & University cleans. It’s a given that both schools and universities require cleaning (albeit they may currently be in a contract). So introducing via email and telemarketing to offer these services is not going to be unexpected. 

Another example being perhaps you’re a Managed Services Provider/ IT Support company with 5 employees. You want to speak to Limited businesses with 10 – 50 employees within a 45-minute radius of your office. Again, it’s a service that is very likely being used at the moment so not an unexpected call/ email.

What isn’t expected is you sell unregulated energy drinks and want to target every company in the UK and blast emails to them every few days. Technically everyone could drink them but this is unacceptable by most peoples standards. It’s not targeted, spammy and therefore a nuisance.

PECR, The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations

Also, known as ‘the e-privacy Directive’. The PECR complements the GDPR and sets out specific privacy rights in relation to electronic communication. 

There are some overlaps given that both PECR and GDPR are aimed at protecting privacy. However, know that complying with the GDPR will help you comply with PECR and visa versa. There are some major differences though, for instance, many of the rules protect both individuals and companies. It covers more processes regardless of if you can identify an individual. 

An obvious example of PECR’s influence is the Cookie and Privacy Statement agreements you now get on almost all websites. Also, they are the ones who have banned cold-calling of pension schemes. 

If you want to know more then by all means contact us.

Above all, can you use B2B marketing data to market your business to your ideal clients?

Luckily the ICO have made it easy to work out if your business can market using Legitimate Interest.

Carry out a Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA) which is a type of light-touch risk assessment. It’s based on the specific context and circumstances of the how and why you intend to use/ process the data.

Completing an LIA will determine if it is either obvious you can market to your chosen audience by email and telemarketing. There is no obligation to do one but subsequently you will know if you meet your obligations of accountability. Further it’s just good practice knowing you’re dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s.

We can help advise here and in some cases complete them for you. Certainly for those who haven’t poured over the information there will be some big questions. For most. it’s really simple but if you are unsure, Contact us for more information.

Frequently asked questions

We use one of the largest and most up to date GDPR compliant databases in the UK. It has on average 1.8m senior decision makers with permission to market. 800,000 of those have direct work email addresses.

Do bear in mind the more specific the criteria, the larger the reduction. 

Telemarketing – as little as 50 if you are taking an Account Based Marketing approach. Typically 500+ if possible. 

Email – 250 would be a minimum but 1000+ is preferable. 

Limited Companies only. The GDPR criteria to speak to Sole Traders, LLPs or direct to consumers is very strict and it’s advised to only use data you have explicit permission to market to – i.e. they’ve opted in to your newsletter themselves. 

Under GDPR, marketing has two legally allowed reasons for processing someone’s data: Consent & Legitimate Interest (LI). 

It is recommended you carry out a Legitimate Interest Assessment if you are unsure your chosen marketing methods are legally allowed to engage with your targeting businesses.

More information about What is B2B marketing data can be found in the link.

We recommend looking at your ideal clients you have/ had on your books. What commonalities do they share?

We want to replicate that on a larger scale so we have a list of companies you know that if you are in front of any of them, you would happily work with any of them.

The standard B2B Business Data criteria includes:

Location – countries/ counties/ towns/ postcodes or a radius of a postcode.

Industries/ Sectors –  from general Manufacturing, Office & Administration, Retail, Education etc to over 2,000 specific  business types. SIC codes are also accepted.

Employee size – 1 – 2,000+ and any range in between

Number of sites – single sites (one address) or multiple (such as branches or key offices around the UK)

CTPS & TPS flagged – Corporate Telephone Preference Service & Telephone Preference Service will exclude anyone who has registered. If there is a likelihood you will want to phone the contacts this would be added as a legal requirement.

Most specific criteria includes:

Financial – Based on Companies House registered data, you can choose what range of turnover your contacts have. This is handy if you are looking to target smaller but highly profitable businesses.

Establishment date – Perhaps you only want to speak to companies that have been trading for over a decade or conversely only those who have started in the last three years.

All data used is contracted and conditions are in place to ensure fair marketing practises are adhered to . Contact Us


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