Getting you in front of your ideal clients.

Email marketing is an essential marketing channel to introduce & engage with your ideal clients. So we have honed our methods to ensure maximum open and click through rates. We start the right conversations, with the right people so you can turn into paying customers. As a result, this accelerates our lead generation, sales pipeline and your ROI.



Our emails get statistically higher averages than industry standards. This is because we know what to say, why, and what not to.


Everyone is kept on track because we know what you want to achieve. The email content is created accordingly and we work together as one team to make sure our goals are achieved.


We know where your prospect it in their buying journey so create emails for each stage. Awareness, consideration or decision.


From deliverability and opens, to clicks and conversation ready contacts. We scrutinise every element and hone our methods throughout the course of every campaign.

Choose the perfect EMAIL MARKETING PLAN

Our email marketing campaigns are created specifically for your needs. The below three options are favoured by clients. However, get in touch using this form if you want to discuss something specific.

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Email campaigns are complemented by both our
Business Data and Telemarketing options

Frequently asked questions

A series of emails crafted to take a prospect from initial introduction through to your chosen goal. You are giving them all the information they need to make a decision on whether to use your services. Therefore a scattergun approach doesn’t work and the campaigns that perform the best have had some considered thought.

You have options here and most importantly in many cases it doesn’t cause an issue at all:

Don’t link to the website

Give them all the information they need in the email. The end goal being arranging a call with you to go into more detail.

Get a second opinion

It might not be as bad as you think. Perhaps some quick fixes would make a big difference without costing the earth. An example being too many fonts, colours and mis-sized images on a page are easily changed for a more harmonious view.

Use a ‘landing page’

These are essentially mini one-page websites with detail focused on one goal. No navigation, no multiple service offerings, just clear, relevant information.

The goal is usually to get the reader to enter their contact details and give permission for you to get in touch.

Email marketing is usually a conduit to get the reader of the email to act – give permission for further contact, purchase online or similar.

Upgrade your brand and website

It is a lot of work and effort to change your entire look and website so you’d need to be told to do it once, and do it right. You don’t need to spend a fortune however on the other hand, if someone is offering a price well under other quotes, if it looks too good to be true….

Our advice is simple; above all use someone reputable, who can show work examples. One of the best web designers is Clearwater. We recommend them as they also specialise in branding so an obvious choice for all small businesses wanting a thoughtful refresh.

As long as you’re looking to target Limited Businesses, see our Business Data for all your needs.

If you’re unsure what B2B Marketing Data is then follow the link to a short video.

We’ll work with you on this, then create a draft for you to tweak and together we’ll come up with email content that gets across exactly what you need to. This collaboration means the content has been created by utilising psychological reasoning but more importantly, will retain the voice of your brand.

Ultimately though, the email needs to add some kind of value and be relevant to the reader. Emailing for emailing sake to just put your name out there is a no no.

Around once a month. When you are introducing yourself to a new group of potential clients, once every four weeks is the right balance between enough and too often. As a result, we get little to no spam reports and no concerns of sending too many emails. On the other hand, when someone has opted in, they want more communication with you.

You need to get the frequency right when you are emailing people who specifically requested more information. If they opted in to receive newsletters etc then you could clarify how often they’ll receive something.

To clarify, it depends on if you are sending either account or marketing based emails. And also if they have explicitly opted in. During the initial email campaign creation we’d happily discuss the most appropriate options. The only thing worse than sending too often, is not sending enough.

Email Service Provider

When sending from an Email Service Provider platform (such as MailChimp) you will need to create CNAME and TXT records. They then need to be associated to your domain. The person responsible for your website domain will need to go into your DNS (Domain Name System). This is usually located in the cPanel, then add the CNAME/ TXT records. 

This talks to the recipient inbox your sending to (Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo etc). It tells them the  email has been sent ‘from’ your chosen email address. In addition, you would also look to add both dmarc and DKIM records to be as thorough as you can.

Sender Reputation

Finally, we recommend using a mail testing website to check all outgoing emails. Importantly, if you don’t receive a 10/10 rating then get in touch as we can help. You want to be a mile away from being considered spam.

Other factors impact the deliverability as well. For example, shared IP addresses vs little used Dedicated IP addresses, blacklist history and content of the emails will impact your sender reputation

In short, you need to have your back of house in order otherwise it doesn’t matter how good the email is, it won’t get through.

Simple to Expert level

Our email marketing campaigns go from simple text to full blown responsive HTML emails. We create them, you sign them off and we will send.

We do like to mix and match so would recommend text emails with a nice signature at the start. Then after that, send more image heavy ones as inboxes recognise the sending address.

What message do you want to convey?

In addition, it would depend on what you are looking to achieve from the sends. For example, text emails that are personalised will get considerably more direct replies than any other type of email. 

Large image based HTML emails on the other hand can often have a dramatically higher click through rate than others.

As a result, peppering a campaign with the right mix of styles will make a difference to the results as a whole.

We are active in promoting positive email experiences on every send which keeps our ‘sender reputation’ at 100%. That is to say, we are unable to take on any campaign that could be perceived spam. Contact Us for more information.


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MSP IT SupportJoint Director
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Results are fabulous
"Having used various other companies for our marketing requirements without success, we are now making great progress with the help of Double Tap. The communication is excellent, the price is very reasonable, and the results are fabulous. We are a really happy customer!!"
Office Partition Specialists
Office Partition SpecialistsHead of Marketing
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Extremely professional
"Martin and his team are extremely professional and have been instrumental in finding us new business leads. They are very results driven and communicate findings efficiently. I would highly recommend them."
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Second to none
"I would highly recommend Double Tap Marketing to everyone. Their high levels of activity and professionalism are second to none. For me, the best part of working with Double Tap is the regular updates on work being done which with other companies you don't always get."
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Simple & cost effective
"We just wanted clean data for our recruitment business and you were simple and cost effective. Plus the data is excellent so couldn't be happier. Now to turn them into paying customers!"
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Aligns efforts with goals
"Martin is easy to work with and he delivers. He works to understands your goals and aligns his efforts to them. I would highly recommend him."
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Very pleased
"I buy data once in a blue moon and all I really cared about was being GDPR compliant and having the right people to start a conversation with. My in-house marketer is really pleased which means I am too so thank you."