Golf networking in a safe environment; on the golf course and via Zoom meetings.

Above all, “Fore” Business is an International Golf Networking community. Members are business owners with one common goal; building new business opportunities and playing more golf.

Members range from sole traders to multinational billion dollar businesses.

Over £30 Million pounds worth of new business has been generated throughout our community.

Golf Networking with Business Leaders across the World

There is an ever growing global presence with more and more groups opening up around the World. The focus in UK based and the majority of business passed over is local so everyone is catered for.

Building new business relationships & playing more golf

Business networking. There’s been a big hole where proper conversations and actually getting to know like-minded people should have been. Is there a better way to get to know what someone is like than on the course? Spending a few hours wandering (or zig-zagging) and sharing experiences.

Add to that a bacon roll, a cup of tea and a decent view. Then having the opportunity to tell 20 or so like-minded Business owners how you help your clients. With all of them asking themselves ‘who do I know that would need that service?’ The amount of direct and indirect leads passed over is both inspiring and commendable – we’re all in this together.

I cannot recommend “Fore” Business enough for being everything a networking community should be. Only business owners who want to grow both their business and network can attend. If that’s you, it is a great opportunity.

Golf wise, handicaps range from single figures to high 20s. Men and women attend and although there are usually prizes for various categories, no one takes the scoring too seriously. Sometimes it’s just nice to be out the office once or twice a month!

100+ golf networking groups in the UK, 1600+ Business owner members

There are over 100 groups in the UK and over 1600 members. Groups are being added weekly around the globe. So, there is no shortage of business owners playing golf and networking. View the 100+ groups here to see where your closest golf networking group is.

The Facebook “Fore” Business Community is very alive and anyone with something to offer, or in need of a service, can find what they’re looking for.

Pricing starts at £69 per month, more details about guest passes here.

If you fancy a game in or around Swindon, then let me know and I can book you in for for free. There are Golden Tickets available for those seriously contemplating so email me (Martin Dugan) directly at: If your local club is closer, I can still book you in there. Let me know a time and a date of the course you want to play and I’ll sort the rest.

The amount of business gained, the support given, and the laughs had, it is a #nobrainer to at least give it a go.

Intro video for Fore Business.

New clients for your business

We are lucky enough to work with many members of Fore Business. The services we offer suit the smaller business looking to increase their number of leads and qualified opportunities.

If you are considering increasing your network to ultimately gain new clients, then it would be worth a discussion. Marketing services usually taken include B2B Business data, email marketing and telemarketing. Some clients want social media activity added on, help with landing pages and collateral being built. All of which is exactly what we do so by all contact us here and we can go into more detail.

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