Our marketing services are backed by years of honed experience. We give our clients a consistent, efficient and scalable means of getting in front of their ideal clients.

So no more waiting for the right business to stumble across you.

What marketing services are available?

The marketing services you need depends on how you want to interact with potential clients. Outbound /direct marketing is proactively getting in front of your prospects. Inbound / indirect marketing requires enticing content so they come to you. Or you can have a mix of both for the best of both marketing worlds.

It’s never been easier to get in front of the right people. It’s just harder than ever to keep their attention. Because of this, the importance is on making sure they truly understand what you offer and why you. So marketing following key principles will get you in front of your ideal clients.


If you opt for outbound marketing, then the natural first step is deciding who your audience is. Then what you want to say and why. It may be easier to picture your best client, and then replicate certain features. Such as they have around 75 – 100 employees (so anything under 50 would be too small and over 300 may be a little big right now. Then the location – perhaps a radius from your office or only certain parts of the UK.


Regarding industries, a lot of businesses can ‘work with anyone’ which is great but doesn’t help narrow things down. Because of this, it’s worth picking 10 companies you’ve worked with or you’d like, then looking at what SIC codes they’ve used on Companies House. Using that, we can then search our database for all correlating ones.

It’s not a perfect science but the more thought given at this stage sets us up for success later. The best communications falling on uninterested ears won’t produce the ROI it deserves.

GDPR Compliant

Being GDPR compliant with marketing data is a legal requirement. You will most likely choose to process the data under Legitimate Interest basis. The ICO clearly explains in depth exactly what you can and can’t do. Luckily they’ve been realistic and still allow genuine businesses to get in touch directly. We’ve gone through everything with a fine tooth comb and know what we can and cannot do. As we represent you, abiding by the law is of utmost importance.

You’ve got your ideal audience, now what to say and how?


Firstly, you need to setup your SMTP and Email Service Provider (we do this for you). Essentially right now if you use Office 365 then you can send business emails back and forth. However, you need to be able to send multiple emails, track conversations and progress opportunities. It would get very messy very quickly if you relied solely on your ESP.

So an SMTP Service provider and a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is required. Think MailChimp, Mailgun or and then HubSpot, SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics.

DNS Settings

You then need to change your DNS settings (we help with this) to ensure you’re sending ‘from’ rather than ‘on behalf of’. It also means the recipients inbox knows the email is genuinely coming form your domain. Which it is as it’s marketing for you.

Then comes the setup for what emails go out when, what messages and how do they look. Are they all text, all HTML (more visual with images) or a mix? These need to be created and put into a workflow then managed.

Matching needs with content

The tone and content of the emails need to match the readers perceived knowledge of their current needs. For instance, if someone has spent three weeks reviewing what the type of services you and your competitors offer. They may be moments from making a decision so a generic email explaining who you are would probably put them off as they need specific information. On the flip side, someone just looking into whether they need your services would appreciate that email.

In addition, capturing engagement, reporting and making future marketing decisions based on individual activities are the next steps.

Email marketing services summary

To sum up, you’ve now got a list of all the right people in the companies you want to work with. You’ve emailed them and have direct responses, lots of opens and a portion of clicks.  Consequently what you do next needs to turn perceived opportunities into appointments and sales. So if you have a sales team or sales rep, these leads are passed to them to convert into meetings. If you need someone to call those who’ve shown the most interest…

Our professionals have decades of experience each and are still learning. It is such a skill to be able to turn a reserved prospect with their guard up, into a warm exchange of ideas and understanding. All the while keeping the conversation on track, learning about their position and answer key questions. This fluidity of structured conversation is like a dance so if you have a good telemarketer, keep hold of them. Or use ours.

As we move out of lockdowns and tiered systems, remote working is just a fact of business now. We’ve found as more people are getting used to non face to face verbal communication, some are more open on the phone than they used to be.

Warm or hot calls only

Cold calling is certainly a thing of the past hence why having the right people in the first place to contact is a must. So warming them up with various email sends of relevant content and only then, picking up the phone. Above all we would only call those who have shown an interest as the name will be recognisable and our conversion rates go up compared to going through a list.


There is a lot of trust calling on someone’s behalf and we don’t take that lightly at all. Most importantly the calls need to represent your business and have a purpose whilst balancing the line of friendly and professional.

All the information found out needs to go into the CRM, call backs need to be logged, customer statuses need to be amended. After that reports must be completed and activities monitored for both productivity and best practices.

What marketing services do I need?

In conclusion, if you have the perfect sales person in your organisation but they don’t have enough leads to work on, then we can look after the data and the email side. If you know you can close a sale when you’re in front of them (virtually or not) but don’t have the time to sift through to find the needles in the haystack, then we can look after the whole process. Meanwhile passing you qualified appointments for you to turn into paying clients.

Have a look at our marketing services and pricing below and any questions get in touch. We’ll happily see if we can help put you in front of more opportunities.

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Clean, accurate, compliant and up-to-date business data


An essential channel which offers one of the highest ROIs possible


Senior level telemarketing with decades of experience


Combining the best marketing channels to hit your targets


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