TELEMARKETING Speaking to your ideal clients

We speak to the Directors and Senior Decision Makers of the ideal customers of our clients. By understanding their needs and position, we arrange diarised calls and meetings primed be turned into paying clients.

outsourced lead generation

Acting as your marketing team, we will engage with your ideal clients and build a robust pipeline of business opportunities .


We will work with you to understand your key goals and use our experience to ensure the companies chosen is the ideal match.


Only callers with decades of experience meet our demanding requirements and engage to the level required. You're in good hands.


A marketing campaign is only as good as the data you are targeting. We use the best to ensure we deliver you maximum results.

Choose the perfect plan

From little but often calling to specific one-off campaigns. We will work with you to achieve your sales and marketing goals.

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Our Telemarketing is complemented by both our
Email Campaigns and Business Data options

Frequently asked questions

Within reason, the longer the conversations we have with your ideal clients, the better. However, as a rule of thumb, if we were just leaving voicemails or not being able to speak to anyone then there would be around 25 dialled attempts of contact so any given hour you know there is always a substantial amount of work being done on your behalf.

All depends on how many companies you have to speak to, how large the companies are (smaller can be fast to speak to the decision maker), timeframes and budgets.

Half a day a month is purely for keeping tabs with key prospects or speaking to those who have really engaged with other marketing channels – such as opening an email 7 times and visiting your pricing page multiple times on the website.

A full day of calling split over a couple of days helps with call backs to engaged prospects.

Two days + allows marketing activity to happen every week so very consistent and great for building momentum.

Five days or more a month will reap rewards far quicker and speed up the number of appointments booked.


Simply someone we have confirmed there is both a genuine need of your services, and genuine want to meet/ for you to go into more detail such as quoting or coving technical aspects.

We do use all the various acronyms such as Budget, Authority, Need and Timescales however ultimately each call is tailored to the recipient and with decades of experience it’s easy for us to tell if there is no point in meeting. 

Consistency, efficiency & scalability. 

Diarising some time to make an hours’ worth of calls is doable in most peoples schedules. Where consistency kicks in, is all of the ‘call me back in 2 hours/ 2 days/ 2 weeks. We can easily manage this however it’s likely your day’s may not allow for that much ‘stop what you’re doing and make a call’.

Double Tap Marketing as a business has been developed from the ground up to speak to key decision makers, understand their position, makes notes, log call backs, send additional information, schedule appointments and keep on top of everything – all so you can keep doing what you do best.

Add to this we will create a repeatable process that delivers success meaning we can scale at the rate you want to grow. 

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning telemarketing is an absolute skill that is learnt and honed over years. You know there is a big difference between speaking to someone who’s keen, either face to face or on the phone, compared to catching someone off guard and professionally introducing yourselves. They go very differently and having someone fully trained and loves the challenge on your side saves a huge amount of stress and pressure of having to deliver yourself.

We can use spreadsheets like Google Docs or Excel through to most Customer Relationship Management tools. However, we have an internal CRM which we have developed to mix the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the functionality of both an email platform and CRM to great effect. This is our preference as speed and familiarity are already on our side before we pick up the phone.

Do get in touch if you have a preferred CRM you’d want to use.

Content is only king when people are reading it. If you’re not on the first 10 or so listings on Google for your chosen topic’s keywords, the likelihood of the people you want to see it finding it is pretty low.

Telemarketing goes directly to the decision maker of a business you know you could work with and directly introduces you. If this is coupled with an email marketing campaign then they’re seeing your content AND getting that all important call to understand more about their needs, and how you can help solve them.

It is 100% right though that having well written & relevant content on your website helps convert potentials into enquiries so Content is king, just perhaps not to be relied on as the only channel to attract more clients.


We only call Business contacts (not consumers) and internal campaigns are not cold calling as they are from warm leads who have engaged with another marketing channel – we have found this to be far greater way of improving results. Contact Us


MSP IT Support
MSP IT SupportJoint Director
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"Having used various other companies for our marketing requirements without success, we are now making great progress with the help of Double Tap. The communication is excellent, the price is very reasonable, and the results are fabulous. We are a really happy customer!!"
Office Partition Specialists
Office Partition SpecialistsHead of Marketing
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"Martin and his team are extremely professional and have been instrumental in finding us new business leads. They are very results driven and communicate findings efficiently. I would highly recommend them."
Commercial Printer
Commercial PrinterDirector
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"I would highly recommend Double Tap Marketing to everyone. Their high levels of activity and professionalism are second to none. For me, the best part of working with Double Tap is the regular updates on work being done which with other companies you don't always get."
RecruitmentIn-House Marketer
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"We just wanted clean data for our recruitment business and you were simple and cost effective. Plus the data is excellent so couldn't be happier. Now to turn them into paying customers!"
Video Production Experts
Video Production ExpertsDirector
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"Martin is easy to work with and he delivers. He works to understands your goals and aligns his efforts to them. I would highly recommend him."
IT Support
IT SupportOwner
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"I buy data once in a blue moon and all I really cared about was being GDPR compliant and having the right people to start a conversation with. My in-house marketer is really pleased which means I am too so thank you."